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All businesses, no matter how small, need a brand for their customers to recognize and trust. As your business evolves you need to maintain and strengthen that image. By offering a wide range of graphics design services, Sarthony is able to ensure your company image is conveyed effectively across a wide variety of printed media, from newspaper ads, direct mailed flyers, and your company brochures, as well as through your online advertising.

Logo Design

Stand out from your competition with a unique and memorable logo that will be the face of your brand!

Brand Identity

Maintain a unique identity with a brand design. Establish your logo, fonts, colours and more, for consistency and unity.

Web Marketing

There's no business without online presence... We can create and promote your company internet presence and conquer new markets


What good is a website, if nobody knows about it? It's time to optimise and promote to outperform competition.


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